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Vendor Info

Guidelines for Vendors:


  1. is a ​FREE ​platform to support home businesses with a sales & marketing

    channel to promote their products and services.

2. How to become a vendor:

a) Identify a product or service that you can sell on the platform

b) Register your business and product/service by filling up the form at

c) Create an e-flyer to be put up on the website

d) Send a sample pack of your product to representative for photo taking & quality control purposes

3. Who is eligible to become a Vendor?

a)  You have a product/service that you can sell

b)  The product/service is original ie. handmade / homemade / your own skills

c)  You are just starting up and looking to earn some income through this business to support yourself and family

d)  You do not have an existing shop or business

e) reserves the rights to remove or disqualify any vendors that do not comply with the guidelines and requirements.

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